Appreciate what you have x

I have been thinking today about everything I always seem to concentrate on ‘what I want’ instead of ‘what I have got’. I have the best family and a amazing best friend. I am health, have a job I enjoy and a good life. We should appreciate what we have. I moan about someone not loving me but that is just a minor aspect.

What I think people should remember is a line from Kal ho na ho chahe jo tumhe pure dil se, milta hai woh mushkil se, aisa jo koi kahin hai, bas wohi sabse haseen hai, uss haath ko, tum thaam lo, woh meherbaan kal ho na ho’

Loosley translated that is ‘its great difficulty you find someone who loves you, if there is someone like that take their hand because you do not know whether they will be here or not tomorrow.

I think you can relate that line not just to love but to family and friends too. Anyone that is special to you. Those guys who get asked out on dates by women, do you know how hard that is. Anywhere there has been a family feud, if someone takes that step towards peace. Any friends who have fallen out – if someone makes contact with you, do not deny it. Don’t say no..x

Make 2011 there year when you accept a sorry x

Priya Mulji Rant Over…x

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