Ode To Twitter

I have come across the most amazing lady on Twitter Reena! Mext year me and her are going to wreak havoc on each others cities…world domination awaits… muahahahahahaaaaaa! Nottingham and NYC watch out!

She has written a wonderfully true article on the power of Twitter and how everyone needs to get on there.

Twitter is a fabulous medium for meeting new people and exploring new opportunities and I am learning this alot of late. I met a lot of people this year (not through Twitter) who have been a complete waste of time and caused a lot of heartbreak so why not make time for people who are actually nice and mean something.


Have a read of the article here: http://whatchootalkinboutreena.blogspot.com/2010/12/ode-to-twitter.html


You can follow my new Twitter girlfriend here: http://twitter.com/#!/r2the

Her blog is called Whatchoo talkin’ bout reena – http://whatchootalkinboutreena.blogspot.com/


My Twitter account is: http://twitter.com/#!/PriyaMulji




Priya Mulji…x


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