Amber Beata Jewellery

Do you like Amber jewellery? A special treat for anyone in San Francisco!

Say hello to Amber Beata! As a big fan of Amber, especcially when I saw it being made in the Dominican Republic I was drawn to this website. They have got some fantastic designs on here.

 Amber beata is different to the Amber I saw in the Dominican Reublic as it is Baltic. Beata designs some one the jewellery herself whch makes it extra special. They also have a unique collection of baltic sea amber jewellery and import magnificent pieces and one of a kind specialty items which are all hand crafted by Polish designers.  Baltic Amber, famous for its unparalleled quality, is available here in classic styles, as well as one of a kind pieces. Amber Beata currently do ship outside the USA but please contact them for further details on Twitter or Facebook.

Some of my favourite pieces are:


Visit the website here:

Facebook –

Follow on Twitter:

Contact Details:


Toll Free:1-877-926-2379
Tel: 1-415-437-3277
Fax: 1-415-437-3242
Showroom location:
888 Brannan str #3160
San Francisco, CA 94103

Priya Mulji…x


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3 thoughts on “Amber Beata Jewellery

  1. Great post! Thank you very much for the mention and lovely review!

    Happy you like amber and most of all amberbeata amber jewelry; amber is not only warm and beautiful it is also renowned for its healing properties too! Drop by the showroom if you’re ever in San Francisco and don’t hesitate to visit the website anytime you’re looking for unique amber pieces!

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