I appar to have developed Sciatica since Sunday morning on the left side of my body – not sure how?
Could be down to sitting at a computer all day! Obviously because I am writing wonderful posts for you to read all day long so you’d better be grateful!
Boots have made a lot of money out of me! I have tried all the pain killers, stretches, cura heat patches, Ibuprofen gel, sleeping with a pillow under my knees and I am booking to see a physio so pllleeeease let me know if you recommend anything. Doctors are rubbish, couldn’t get an appointment on Monday morning, due to all the people who have nothing better to do than go to the docs on  a Monday morning first thing and complain, so the nurse called me and basically told me to do the above – useless NHS!!!!
On Sunday I had to think twice before moving out of my chair so I watched Avatar which was surprisingly good. Now I hear you all say ‘whoa Avatar is amazing’ and I agree but it isn’t the genre of movie that I would normally watch but it entertained me for over 2 hours on Sunday so its all good, i’d give it about 6/10.
Priya Mulji…x
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