4th October 2010

Following on from my Wednesday 29th September post I have decided I use my heart too much to make decisions…

I have always been an emotional person and tears flow easily for me. Not because i’m a manic depressive! But because that puppy in the Andrex ad is soooo cute and even Eastenders! Dot Cotton once said “I can bear with losing you because i didn’t expect anything less” now how can you not cry at that!?

Sharon said “You tried to make me not love you but tough cos I do!” and you can’t not love someone just because your head is telling you not to.

And don’t tell me you didn’t cry yesterday at the X factor when Tracy didn’t get through for the second time!

But sometimes your heart tells you to do something and destiny has something totally different in store for you.

So today I am making my final decision with my heart. That decision is always to use my head. Common sense is best right?

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