Wednesday 29th September 2010

Been a little emotional the last few days. You could have everything in the world. The most awesome family, an amazing best friend, a job which you enjoy and are treated well at. You take creative writing classes on Tuesday nights where you delve and touch your deepest emotions, where you are actually doing something you are good at and are respected. You are making people amazing cd’s and people love your taste in music, especially Indian!  You just ran 10k on Sunday and raised £400 for Cancer research and are planning a Skydive for next year! You’re losing weight and everyone is telling you that you look great with your new fringe! But there is one thing missing. Love. In the great movie ‘Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona’ Javier Bardem described love as the salt of life. If salt is missing in food there is no taste.

Some things are very hard, especially when you have to do them alone, no one to hold your hand. No one to talk to before you go to bed at night. No one to hug you when you are sad and stroke your hair and tell you everything will be ok. Someone to share your life with, someone to build a future with. Ok, I know you know I’m talking about myself and I’m going a bit ‘Bridget Jones’ on you all these days but its something that probably a lot of single, 28 year old women can relate to… we are all searching for the one but he isn’t going to just fall at our feet. Most people say that love will find you when you least expect it and you cannot go looking for it so we muddle on with our lives and get on with your daily lives… work…friends…family…gym….home.

Keep believing ladies…….and gents! x

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday 29th September 2010

  1. Life is a game and we need to play it, your not dwelling but its an emotion that is scary at most of times, I feel i was like that too at one point, where I would think damn i been out with all these people but they were not long term committments.. will i die alone? but then as they say along came a spider.. lol and cest la vie.. you will find your salt and i know its easier said then done but have a little faith, your strong mentally and the belief needs to be there for sure…

    Your far better looking then Bridget ever was! lol

    Soft Hugs!

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