Ticket Websites – FAIL!

This morning I logged onto http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk to purchase Kings of Leon tickets.

Missed out on seeing the band who have had recent hits such as Sex on fire, Use somebody and Revelry, in Nottingham last year so I was dying to get my hands on a pair of tickets for their upcoming tour. But guess what? While I was deciding between standing and seated tickets they had sold out and it was only 9.15am. The tickets had gone on sale at just 9am. This is stupid! Was there a presale? No one told me if there was?

I then tried Ticket Factory but they had sold out on there too and I didn’t want to use See Tickets as I have had MAJOR ISSUES with them in the past so I didn’t even bother checking there and even if I had they undoubtedly would’ve been sold out on there. There were no tickets for Birmingham which was my first choice… Sheffield has sold out and so had London. This is a joke! I bet idiotic people will be selling them on Ebay for stupid money! This is just stupid and ridiculous… I wait years to see them and who knowes when I will be ale to see them again. I have always used Ticket Master for my purchases and all I am asking for is two tickets to see the kings of leon but I have been let down. I don’t know why they are not touring in Nottingham again either? TICKET MASTER/TICKET FACTORY ARE A MAJOR LET DOWNS!

Kylie Minogue tickets go on presale tomorrow – who knowes whether I will get them or not?!

On another note if anyone has tickets they would like to sell to me, AT FACE VALUE, please let me know, cheers x

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6 thoughts on “Ticket Websites – FAIL!

  1. Hey, Yh i had the same problem….I Was dieing too to get my hands on a pair of tickets and i went to buy myn for the pre-sale for London, O2 Arena but they wernt on pre-sale so i had to wait till today, but i had school at 8:20am so i when i was at home they wernt on sale, when i was in school @ 1pm i checked for tickets in standing on http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk and it said some-thing about if you click Any Price and Any Place, or something then try again, so i kept trying and then when i got home i tried again and and still no tickets it says. I Phoned them up just a few minutes ago and a auto message appears “If your are calling to Book KINGS OF LEON, For the O2 Arena, Birmingham arena and others, our staff are not able to help you, please do not hold if your are phoning for this problem” OMG! SO ANNOYED, THIS WAS MEANT TO BE A FRIENDS BIRTHDAY PRESENT :@….please let me know if the tickets go back online, cause TICKETMASTER is the only place i will buy from

    1. Its so dumb, how ticketmaster sold out with in minutes, most people think that they hadnt even sold any because the site might have crashed, and i hope to god they add a extra tour date in London, they gota

    1. Nah London, would be for me i live in London in Notting Hill, getting to the O2 Arena is trouble just that cause of the traffic, cant be travelling up north like that…and they got 5 concerts up north all with in around the same towns and only 1 tour in south which sold COMPLETELY :@

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