AR Rahman Concert Review

AR Rahman concert

Wembley Arena 25th July 2010

Oscar, Grammy and numerous Indian award winning composer AR Rahman took to the stage on Sunday with the last show in the UK of his Journey Home tour..

Supported by Hariharan, Richa Sharma, Benny Dayal, Blaaze and others the actual show was spectacular! Lots of acrobatics, circus-esque stage antics and amazing singing, of course, by all involved!

But, I was very disappointed. Ar Rahman + Hariharan (should really) = Tu hi Re from Bombay – but alas this was not the case. Nothing from Yuva, Roja, Guru, Adaa, Ghajini etc… to be fair he didn’t really need Holi Re from Mangal pandey and could’ve done Main Wari Wari instead

Some highlights were the Lata Mangeshkar hologram when he did Luka Chupi from Rang De Basanti.

The Tamil songs were impressive and I don’t even understand tamil. Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack pieces were awesome, Humma humma in Tamil really got the crowd going, a version of Chaiya Chaiya which used many different instruments was impressive and the little boy who came and went but I have to say I enjoyed it more when I saw him last time.

Another mistake I think they made was having 2 London shows, I don’t know what the turn out for the o2 arena was but the Wembley Arena was only half full… they should’ve combined both I reckon.

All round it was a good experience but I expected more from this maestro.

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One thought on “AR Rahman Concert Review

  1. Just got back from the A.R. Rahman Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. A huge dissappointment. I can say this for most of the people around me who seemed to have been laughing a huge amount of the time since the performance lacked performance, in that it was more of an orchestra concert than the “BIG NAME” advertized. A waste of money.

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