I Hate Luv Storys – Film Review

I Hate Luv Storys

Director – Punit Malhotra

Music – Vishal & Shekhar

Produced – UTV & Dharma Productions

Starring – Imran Khan & Sonam Kapoor

The above info is enough to get all Dharma productions lovers hearts, pulses and everything racing but alas I was under-whelmed by IHLS.

Now, it wasn’t a bad film, its extremely well made and well shot with beautiful, beautiful music and its done well I hear so maybe its just be being cynical of ‘modern love stories’ but it was just toooooo predictable and toooo much of a cheese-fest for my liking……… and I like rom-coms.

The film is about Simran who is engaged to Raj. Simran is mad about love and her Raj is the  perfect guy. Jay is a guy who lives for fun, hates bollywood movies and most of all hates love! they are both working behind the scenes on a film called ‘pyaar pyaar pyaar’ I will let you predict the rest of the movie…. you’ll probably get it right!

Theres only so  many fluffy pillows a 28 year old like me can take! I don’t even know how old Sonam’s character is supposed to be in the movie, she plays a art director for a movie so she must be at least  in her late twenties in IHLS but how many girls do you know who has that many fluffy pillows and cuddly toys!  Imran looks super sexy and very much like a stylish british lad so his and Sonam are looking hot and super-skinny (in a good way!)  I still would’ve waited for the dvd in hindsight

Good points – music, Imran  Khan, the art direction, chemistry between Sonam and Imran..

(main) Bad points – style over substance, story, too long, predictable

Style over substance


Pic source – http://www.ihateluvstorys.com/gallery.htm

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