Book Review – Half Life By Roopa Farooki

After reading ‘The way things look to me’  which is probably one of my most favourite books EVER! I was unsure whether I would like Half Life. I took it on holiday with me and just was not in a reading mood so only read about 10 pages… but 2 weeks ago I picked up again and was completely hooked and have just finished it this lunchtime! Half Life is thought provoking, imaginative emotional, magical, funny and wonderful!

I will not tell you much about the story but I will tell you that it is about a womans journey through so many things and that running away is easy, its coming home that’s hard.

I recommend this for anyone who likes to read books that aren’t the norm

I give it 5 stars! *****

Next on my reading list is The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini which has been around a while,I know,but its been sitting in my pile for a long time and certain people have recommended it highly so I must read it and give you my review!

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