Holiday Update 4 – Final Update!

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in the update posting!

Secondly, I know I said I would give you 5 updates but I am finding it hard to put into 5 so this will be the 4th and final holiday update!

So.. you know about all the adventures and the city and all that so let me tell you about our journey home. Saturday night we went to the A la Carte restaurant in our hotel when BG got a text from her cousin telling us the Volcano had erupted again!

I then immediately text my friend MJ who works at Heathrow Airport who said he would keep us updated! Also called my brother but he had no idea what was going on! All night BG and I were in a frantic panic with BBC World News on all night (coincidentally the only english tv channel in our room besides CNN!).

In the morning we made our way to the airport. 10 minutes before take off I get a call from MJ saying that East Midlands airport is closed! The pilot announces then that there will be a delay in taking off, the pilot takes off an hour and a half later! By that time I had probably been to the toilet 27 times and BG and I had made friends with the poor guys next to us.

The pilot took off and an hour later he advised we would be flying into Newcastle! Then another hour later that we would be flying to Stansted (which we didn’t think was as bad as Newcastle) we ended up at Birmingham, which  was packed!!!!!! The poor guys SR and JM were given the tasks of throwing our luggage onto the coaches which were taking back to East Midlands Airport.

Finally we ended up getting home around and sound back to normal life. I was quite happy to be back as before I went away I had made some acquaintances who I am looking forward ‘acquainting’ with!

Thanks to the guys SR and JM for sorting out our suitcases and not laughing at me too much getting in a frenzied panic!

Finally, thank you to my darling BG for the most wonderful time in Tunisia

Happy Days x

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