Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho’s 10-man Inter Milan reach the Champions League final despite losing the second leg of their semi-final 1-0 in Barcelona so here is one for the laydees… I have a huge crush on this man! If only men like this exist in real life! x

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2 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho

  1. Jose The “Special” one

    there is class and there is 8 years of experience that really showed some colours, so why Jose is taking it all in.. He does remind me of a touch of arrogance and ego but you need that if your Jose the Portuguese showed the world with PORTO and then with Chelsea he needed a little more time but ROMAN was not noble and wanted to be the puppeteer but Jose is no Puppet.. he is a leader and he did well yesterday.. there are obviously moemnts when he is humble and he eats the pie delightfully.. but yesterday the man was class..

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