Sonu Nigam & The Sugababes

Imagine my fave girl band and one of my fave indian singers! On one record- A-ma-zing!

The Sugababes are coming to Mumbai. This hot English female pop group from London will perform live at the IPL on April 25th. But there’s something else on their agenda, too — they will be recording with Sonu Nigam.

Sonu’s ready with three tracks that he has composed himself. He will record one of them with the Sugababes. “The tracks are totally mainstream,” says Sonu. Talking about the collaboration, he says, “Their music is really good. I did a lot of study on their kind of music and with my programming team, we’ve come up with three tracks.”

The Guinness Book of World Records has named the Sugababes as the most successful female act of the 21st century, thanks to seven UK No. 1 singles and 18 UK Top 10 hits. Sonu is naturally excited about this collaboration and he’s also enjoying his new role as a singer-cum-composer. “Until recently, I was just a singer, but now I’m really enjoying making music along with singing. I have always been interested in music, gadgets, software and now it’s coming to my help,” he says.

And since he’s going global, was there any special preparation? “I did a lot of research on the contemporary music scenario. I spent time upgrading my sound sense and I feel now I’m able to get the kind of sound which is acceptable worldover,” he says. Music apart, will the video with the Sugababes be quite a bold one? “It’s going to be very interesting for me and the Sugababes,” smiles Sonu.


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