The 4 Types of Female When Intoxicated

From my experiences when I have been under the influence of alcohol (and there have been very many) a female can be categorised into 4, all pretty self explanatory, categories:

1. The happy drunk – generally happy, dancing, talkative & loving

2. The ‘I want to go home and go to bed’ drunk – I’m tiiiiired and I want to go home! Words regularly heard being spoken by a tired drunk..

3. The emotional drunk – telling everyone that they love them, telling people what they really think of them, basically the feelings that they have been trying to hide cannot be contained any longer! Whether good or bad!

4. The violent drunk – wanting to pick a fight either verbal or with knuckles, palms or hair pulling

I’m a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 – What are you? x

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