One Minute With James Bunting

Some male eye candy for my One Minute with? Yes please! Ok so ladies here is PR & Digital enthusiast James Bunting from Bristol for your pleasure.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee every time.

Cheryl Cole or Nicole Sherzinger?

I loathe them both, but I’d choose Nicole simply because she’s a dancer. I don’t think I could even look Cheryl in the eye.

What would you spend your winnings on if you won the lottery?

I’d probably fritter a lot of it on random things, then I’d take a load of my friends to Indonesia with me for a big holiday. You’re only young once!

Your favourite type of cuisine

I love Indian and Thai food. Would choose that every time in a restaurant and tend to cook it at home as well.

Sex, drugs or rock n roll?

Tough call! I’d go sex because it’s a pretty broad field given all the people in the world (not that I’d sleep with them all!), but rock ‘n roll is a close second.

Ideal woman

Frankie Sandford is perfect. Maybe add in a little of Barbara Ellen’s personality though, but other than that Frankie is pretty much perfect.

Your favourite part of a woman’s body?

It’s really cliché to say, but I’m going with eyes. Amazing eyes will stop you in the street, few other things can do that. Though you can’t beat an amazing bum, that’s a potential deal breaker too.

Your favourite swear word

Bastard. Just because you can pronounce it Baastard or Bastard in different contexts. Simple things, but it’s nice to have a versatile swear word.

What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?

I went to see The Artist. It was amazing! And I went with an actress friend who I have a big crush on, so it was even better because she got so excited about it and it was cool to see her so animated.

What song do you song in the shower?

I actually don’t sing in the shower. I do performance poetry a lot so I’m always working on new things and learning stuff so the shower is a good place to practice. I can focus without distractions and I know I can’t cheat and look at the page to remember the words.

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