Puppetry of the Penis – 3D

No puppets involved!


On Wednesday my good friend text me to ask whether I would like to go and see a show at the Derby Assembly Rooms called Puppetry of the Penis. I am always up for trying something new so I thought ‘why not.’


A £20 well spent!


The show consisted of an American and Australian who, quite literally, made shapes with their genitals. These shapes consisted of: a hamburger, Loch Ness monster, a woman, the other woman, hot dog and my personal favourite: The Eiffel Tower. As well as many more. With a 3D screen accentuating whatever shapes they made with their male parts the mostly female audience was in for a right treat.


3d glasses
3d glasses


If you ladies (and some gents) need a laugh for any reason or an idea for a hen night out then I highly recommend this show. Beware this show is not for the faint hearted so if you are easily traumatised or prudish then you might want to steer clear but for those up for a laugh go get some tickets.


Check out their website for dates near you: http://www.puppetryofthepenis.com/

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