Amelia’s Diary – Update 2

So after the wine, cheese and crackers night I told myself that I needed to get a grip!


I, Amelia Kumar, cannot afford to pursue my crush on George. So I have only just gone and bagged myself a date with a man who I’d only describe as a chic geek. Working for an electronics retailer I am surrounded by geeks, software people, engineers (I don’t know the official names cos I just work in the marketing department) but they all wear sexy Jarvis Cocker-esque glasses. And I think that’s usper sexy seeing that I have -5 vision myself. Most of these gentlemen don’t have a clue about real life so here’s where my love for the big bang theory comes into place, I liken myself to Penny. Ok, I’m only a fatter version of Penny but I don’t think I’m ‘that’ bad.


So my date with was a simple Indian man, originally from Leeds, so he had a slight Yorkshire twang (yummy) and his name was Aditya. Or Adi as I called him, and he hated it, thought it was too ‘Bollywood’. As we both worked at the same place London (I think he was a software developer) we had decided to go for a pizza after work (exciting haha!)


So the date was going fine, talking, he told me he had a penchant for… ermmm… collecting orange coloured items. For no reason. Which I found particularly bizarre. Why would someone collect things which are Orange? Orange smarties? Pictures of clementines from Spain? Models of cars that came in a special edition orange colour. Anyway. We ordered garlic mushrooms and garlic bread (his choice, I wasn’t looking to have garlic breath). He was sitting at the table opposite me. Telling about his orange cup collection from Italy. I started drifting away thinking about George. Ahh George. Tall George, Not short Aditiya. Athletic George. Not podgy Aditya. Sexy George. Not geeky Aditya (I discovered Aditya wasn’t a glamorous geek just a plain old geek who needed some one equally as boring as him- Amy off of BBT maybe?) I likened myself more like a less prettier version of Penny or even Ugly Betty once she’d lost her braces although I could use braces for a couple of wonky front teeth. I imagined me and George in Sainsbury’s doing the weekly shop for us and our 2 children. I imagined us going for a picnic down by the river drinking champagne and eating strawberries. Dancing around the trees like we were in a song and dance sequence from a Bollywood film. I imagined him blindfolding and us indulging in some frivolous activity which will only take place in my mind you naughty people I am not telling you wink wink.


Amelia? Amelia? I opened my eyes with a start and realised I had fallen asleep dreaming about my rendezvous with George whilst at dinner with Aditya. Of course I never saw Aditya again. Ah well. Maybe he can go and find Amy now?


When George asked how my date had gone, I just brushed it aside and said “ah I don’t think we have enough in common”


Wink wink


But I needed to get a grip or else I was going to fall for George again! Uff!



Priya Mulji…x


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