Update 3 – Magic Moments


Sousse was the area our resort, The Riadh Palms, was based in and the people in the hotel were nice. Women did give us dirty looks but that’s to be expected! A random person on the beach asked if I was black and if BG was from the gulf? Errrrrrr ok!

One day we ventured into the centre of Sousse were we purchased some gifts from the Soula Centre – a huge gift shop which is probably Tunisia’s version of John Lewis.

In Sousse was the Medina where the locals had stalls selling almost everything! Food, fake goods, fish, oranges, cd’s – everything under the sun! People kept asking us if we were Indian and when we said we were the locals usually started expressing their love for a particular Indian actor, the legend that is, Mr Amitabh Bachchan! amazing how he can touch so many people! We heard one guy’s fave Indians films were Ajooba and Mard. People were friendly although some could be a little pervy. There was a fort there too but we weren’t sure how to get into it!

Sousse by night

There were a few clubs in Sousse but as the locals seemed a little…errr….over friendly we decided not to venture out much at night but one night we did go for a meal. The restaurant we chose was called ‘Bypass.’ We were greeted by a lovely waiter who called himself ‘Chocolate’ (because he was sweet like chocolate).

BG and I shared Brik for starters and I had grilled chicken and veg/chips for mains and BG had a huge Cous cous special which we could’ve probably shared! Only came up to 30 dinars which is about £15! Bargain-a-licious! There were some other restaurants/bars in the area Banana/Queen/Taj Mahal but we only went to Bypass.

Some pics for your pleasure…

Massive Shisha!

Port El Kantaoui

About 10 minutes from Sousse was the area of Port El Kantaoui which is a more relaxed, tourist, European catered for part of Tunisia. It has lots of shops restaurants, places for Shisha, Marina, Zoo and Hannibal Park.

We jumped on a Noddy Train (literally) from Sousse for 3 dinars return for a 10 minute journey which took us into Port el Kantaoui where we wandered around the Marina and looked at the boats, I bought some fake Mont Blanc pens, nougat, sesame snaps, dates, had a beer and a massive shisha and the most wonderful home cooked-style chips.. A lovely place to just hang out and relax. For the kids there is a theme park called Hannibal Park (we were a bit wary of it due to the name, however, it pretty looked safe)

Indeed some Magic Moments, More to follow! x

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