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You may not realise it but i’m originally from Nottingham, some people say I have a strong accent, some say a slight accent, some say i’m pretty neutral – but i’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Martyn, a friend of mine from school recently went travelling around the Far East and recorded this awesome video of him teaching kids how to speak ‘Nottingham’ – yes there is such a thing! Have a go and send me your videos!


Priya Mulji

Chloe Afternoon Tea – Mandarin Oriental

“Tea is like poetry”

This week I was invited by Anomalous London to check out the lovely, beautiful and luxurious Chloe Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental in swanky Knightsbridge. Set in the beautiful and classy Rosebery Room the Chloe Afternoon tea is part of London Fashion week and runs until the beginning of March.

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

I walked in and as an ex-Nottingham girl I was enamoured by the opulence of the Mandarin. I have friends visiting in May so definitely taking them there for cocktails! Just walking around I felt like I was in a New York movie and I should have been wearing a beautiful flowing dress like Audrey Hepburn. I fell in love with the Mandarin there and then.

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

So, we were having the Chloe Fizz Afternoon Tea (£54 with cocktail/champagne, or £45 with just tea) and started with cocktails. I had the gin-based Pink Folder to start with served with pomegranate seeds. Anomalous had the Hepburn, a vodka-based cocktail garnished with rose petals.

Hepburn Cocktail

Hepburn Cocktail

Pink Folder Cocktail

Pink Folder Cocktail

So we started with some yummy little sandwiches, they were cut in a cute bag-style shape and the fillings included crayfish, salmon, egg, organic chicken and ham. They were cute, bite-sized and a great start to our afternoon tea.

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

We then had our scones and oh… my god… they were delicious. The scones were light, fresh and accompanied by Devonshire clotted cream, strawberry jam, rose petal jelly or homemade lemon curd.

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

I’m a jam on top girl – what are you?

Then…. Then…. It was dessert time! And WOW what a dessert plate it was! A selection of hand-made pastries were:

The Drew: cherry and almond Manjari chocolate ganache

Purple frills: Coconut mousse, spiced pineapple and ginger sable

1971: Lime posset and wild strawberry cremeaux eclair

Tropical Petticoat: guava parfait, crunchy passion fruit and sable breton

Pistachio cloud: Layered pistachio and vanilla delice

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

My favourite, by far, was the Tropical Petticoat but all of them were a delight to the taste-buds.

This was by far the best afternoon tea I have ever had and what made it even more amazing was the Tea-Master Ludovic Coco who gave us an education of all things tea. I took quite a liking to oolong and po’erh tea. Make sure to ask for him if you go! He was mesmerising and explained so many different types of teas to us, he is the one who coined the phrase (or at least told us about it) ‘tea is like poetry.’

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Overall, this afternoon tea treat was exactly what I needed on a rainy Monday afternoon. I might not be part of Fashion Week but I sure felt special.

Thank you once again to Anomalous London for taking me as your guest and thank you Mandarin Oriental for all of your hospitality.

A few more pics:

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Chloe Afternoon Tea Mandarin Oriental

Priya Mulji

Saravana Bhavan – Review

A fairly short post for you here and I’ve decided not to rate as this is more just me sharing my love for Saravana Bhavan (plus I’m a little biased by my love of the Dosa). All over the world this vegetarian restaurant chain is well-known to one and all across the world. Actually, that is a lie, I didn’t know about it until I moved to London and a boy introduced me to it (thanks dude!) but then I realised that EVERYONE knew about it. Where have I been? Anyway, Saravana Bhavan has quick become a fave of mine to get me my dosa fix and I don’t think anywhere does a tastier, crispier dosa! Even my friend is San Francisco knows of the place and loves it! Recently, post a TV appearance, Rita Morar and I took a trip to the South Indian restaurant (they are dotted all over London but we frequented the Rayners Lane branch) and decided to indulge in some South Indian tasti-ness. Here are a few of my faves and a description of them:

Paneer 65 – coated paneer, fried and served with tomato sauce and onions

Paneer 65

Paneer 65

Cocktail Fried Idli – a smaller, fried version of the traditional Idli, served with a selection of sauces

Cocktail fried idli

Cocktail fried idli

Palak Paneer (more like Saag Paneer though) – paneer cooked a in a spinach sauce

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Paper Roast/Plain Dosa – a traditional Dosa (Indian savoury pancake) with no filling but served with sauces and a bowl of dal



Noodles – Chinese style noodles – they speak for themselves

Chinese style noodles

Chinese style noodles

Garlic Naan

Garlic naan

Garlic naan

Falooda – the ultimate milkshake! Milk, ice-cream, basil seeds, sauce, jelly.. the perfect end to an indulgent meal



Every time I go there I want to go and visit south India and am left stuffed but wanting more. I’ve been to the East Ham branch too and both are lovely, although sometimes the food is spicier than others and there is always a queue. But the food is tasty, extremely reasonable, the chai is perfect and the service quick and always with a smile. What more could you ask for?


Visit the SB website –

Priya Mulji

Eaton Square Bar & Restaurant Review

Twitter –

Website –

Ambience – 5

Food – 4

Service – 4

Location – 4

Closest station – Victoria

Standout dish – Lamb Kofta


There is nothing nicer than sitting and chatting with one of your best girlfriends, eating delicious Lebanese food and sipping yummy cocktails. That’s exactly what my friend Ush (check out her brand-new fitness blog here!) and I did a couple of weeks ago when we visited the newly re-branded Eaton Square Bar & Restaurant (part of the Noura chain), based in up-market Belgravia.

It was a busy Thursday night and we had arrived about 45 minutes earlier than our table reservation so sat down by the bar and had a couple of cocktails. I started with a yummy Lychee and Mango martini and Ush had a bespoke cocktail which contained Cassis, Champagne and Chambord. Both were a great start to the evening! The bartenders were really friendly and when we were asking what certain spirits tasted like gave us little samples to try. We got to try Saffron Gin and Chopin Potato Vodka.



Eaton Square is a family run restaurant which serves Lebanese cuisine inspired by their dad’s cooking and we opted for a selection of Mezze and then shared a main and dessert. We also opted for a glass of Malbec to accompany our meal.

We started with baba ghanoush and a trio of dips with homemade pita breads. What was really unique about this dish the waiter told us is that the aubergine are not mass cooked and every single aubergine is skinned and chargrilled with tender loving care. They employ a guy to just do that all day! Let’s say it pays off as it tasted delicious! The dips were homemade and refreshing. We then moved on to the crispy squid which was cooked with simple flavours, light and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It was really tasty and moreish, and served with a tartar sauce.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush

Crispy Squid

Crispy Squid


Moving onto the standout dish of the evening and something really special! Now, if you know me you will know that I’m not the biggest lamb or pork fan but the Lamb Kofta’s were something! The small kofta’s were served on a plate with sauces, the lamb was soft and tender. They were flavoursome and had a spicy kick. In Ush’s words ‘I have never tasted these intense flavours together, they’re combined really well.’ We were told by the waiter that the lamb had been marinated for 48 hours.

Lamb Kofta

Lamb Kofta

Other dishes..

The chicken skewers were served with a balsamic glaze with salad and sesame seeds. They were home-style simply grilled and satisfying. The lamb sausages were made tandoori shish kebab style, like a mixed grill, served with lemon and peppers. These were small but had a spicy kick!

Chicken Skewers

Chicken Skewers


I was pretty stuffed by that point but one of my friends’ favourite dishes is lamb shank and it came highly recommended. And Ush is glad she did try it! The lamb was tender, succulent, and peppery and served with a creamy, buttery mash and gravy. It was a large portion size, simple but tasty and nicely presented.

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank

To end the meal we chose the Apple Tart to share. It warm, comforting, nutty, almondy and served with sweet fruit. The perfect end to a meal with your friend.

Apple Tart

Apple Tart

Overall, Eaton Square is a lovely place for after work food or even a nice date. It can get busy so make sure you book a table, they also have live music on so that is a really nice complement to the chilled ambience. A great evening out all in all!

 Priya Mulji

Asiana Interview

Well guess what recently happened to me!

I have been asked to blog for - my first blog for them will be coming soon! But first they wanted to interview me.. so here it is and you can read it here:


Let me know what you think and I look forward to sharing my first blog with you..


Priya x

The secrets all women want to know – Collaboration with Kamey of SBS – Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since Kamey off of Since Being Single wrote his first post for my blog (read it here), and we had an such an overwhelmingly positive response that part two came quicker than expected, so, once again entirely in his own words hereeeeee’s Kamey!


Michael Jordan’s greatest skill was; listen and then go and do it.

Remember, this a new perspective, a new way of thinking, but you must also take action.

After all, if you’re only listening and not applying, you are ultimately wasting your energy reading this.

You and I, we must learn from the greatest: listen and then go and do it.

Right, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into Part Two.


Q: Why do men make women their last priority?

I was speaking to a guy friend about this:

“I wouldn’t say men make women their last priority, what I would say is that men don’t make women their top priority. Women are somewhere in the middle on the priority scale for a man.”

And I would totally agree with him.

If this is true, let’s modify the question a little: Why do men not make women their top priority?

As a woman, you don’t want to be your mans number one priority because what is intuitive to a man in a relationship is not what is intuitive to a woman.

See, what’s intuitive to women, can be completely foreign to men.

Listen up…


A mans purpose must come before his relationship

If a man (masculine) had to choose one: the perfect intimate relationship or achieving his highest purpose in life, he would choose the latter.

To the masculine, purpose and mission is priority. Period.

As a woman, you are not his top priority in life.

Being your mans ‘number one priority’ is indicative of big problems!

By doing this you are essentially taking him away from his mission.

He will become dependent on you. He will become needy. He will become clingy. He will become less of a man.

Ask yourself: “Do I really want to be in a relationship with another woman? Or do I want to be in a relationship with a MAN?”

As a woman, you really should allow your man to be dedicated to his highest purpose.

(I talk about finding your purpose and creating your one sentence dating destiny plan in Foundations).

You will actually trust and love him more if you are not number one.

But as a woman, you not only want your man to be dedicated to his highest priority, you also want him to love you fully…


You want the full spectrum

And this is something that men are lacking.

For example, sexually and physically in love, how many of you girls would love your man to ‘man-handle’ you, not like, “Let’s have sex now dear” (so gentle and soft) “thank youuuu, good nightttttt.”

Wouldn’t you like your man, sometimes, not all the time, to pick you up and throw you on the bed, rip your clothes off, hold you down and love you?

As a woman, you sometimes want to make love, in pure light, where you’re just connected in pure bliss, sometimes you want to talk and cuddle and sometimes you want your man to really, really ravish you (guys take note).

When was the last time you were really, really ravished?

Ravished so that when it was over, your body was just blown apart in ecstasy by your man, he made your toes curl, you bit your lip in ecstasy and were left breathless.

If the answer is never or not very often, it’s probably why you’re feeling like ‘last priority’ in your relationship.



You might have good sex, 20mins of eh-eh, orgasm, a little kissy-pooh on the cheek and go to sleep.

(Side note: kissy-pooh is not a real word).

You could have that for 15 years and people would ask you “How’s your sex life?” You would reply and say, “Yeah it’s pretty good.”

But without that ravishment, occasionally, rarely even, there’s a part of you that just remains untouched.

That ‘untouched’ part of you is what makes you feel like last priority.

(Is this good for men to know? I hope so).

You know, as a woman, you need to experience the whole scale. The full spectrum.

You need to. It’s a human need. And if you don’t experience it connected with the heart, you need to experience it in some other ways…


50 Shades of Grey

Soap operas, romance novels, love stories are feminine pornography.

It’s why 50 Shades of Grey is such a success!

(I was invited to an early preview of the film last week (not as tasty as the books), but it’s definitely worth checking out!).

It’s the same thing: You get cheating on each other, affairs – the feminine loves that.

If you don’t experience ravishment, you will seek it externally – it’s called external stimulus.

If men just ravished the women they love, whenever it felt right between the two of them, women wouldn’t have the need to perceive pornography.

And that’s the part that we’re lacking in our culture.

Seriously, take him to watch 50 Shades!


Q: Why do men love the thrill of the chase?

This is one of the most common questions I get from girls.

First things first: Everyone likes the feeling of being pursued (masculine and feminine), that feeling of being wanted, that feeling of being chased, that feeling of being special and loved.

This is not about playing games, that’s not what I’m saying.

Men love the thrill, not the chase.


Thrill, adventure, ecstasy

Every moment is totally a new moment (obviously); I mean every moment is just new.

What’s happening right now, and right now, and right now and right now is absolutely unpredictable.

You have no idea what’s about to happen, just like you had no idea when you woke up this morning, just that we have habituated the normalcy, in the same way you’re reading these words, you think it’s normal.

Try and follow me here…

But to an infant, someone who hasn’t habituated, it’s not. To an infant it’s a constant amazement, constant aura, constant enlightenment, constant freshness, that look on an infants face of constant aliveness.

And so overtime we become habituated to mediocrity. And we start living mediocre lives.

Just another day: ‘Go to work, take care of the kids’ and then we hope that we have these kind of break through moments of something.

In such mediocre lives, any little thrill is heightened to the ecstasy level.


Search for release

So what happens is, in our acclamation to habit, we begin to live mediocre lives and we begin to crave non-mediocrity or thrill.

In other words, both men and women are always seeking something.

Right now, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel that way.

You wouldn’t have clicked this link unless you thought maybe by reading this article you could get something, learn something, grow in some way.

All of that is a form of seeking. Searching for some ‘betterness’ in your life.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that. We all do that.

The masculine does it in one way and the feminine does it another.

The masculine search is always a search for release. It is a search for release that always ends in freedom.

Men love breakthroughs into freedom and it’s why men pull away from you and the relationship…


Q: Why do men retreat to their caves?

In other words, why do men pull away from you and the relationship?

One word: Freedom.

Football for example…

Football is only setting up a situation where you can feel bounds; line men, people facing each other, trapped with this little ball.

You set up a circumstance but the point is to break through those constraints with this little ball into freedom.

Then you get across the goal line and then “YESSSSS! I’M FREEEEE!” And there’s an ecstatic feeling in that.

It’s all in the name of freedom.

It’s always about feeling bound and then seeking release from feeling bound.

If you have a feminine sexual essence you’re probably thinking, “What the hell are you talking about?” But if you have a masculine sexual essence you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Freedom, it’s blissful

This feeling of bliss.

That feeling of being at the edge. That feeling of knowing you could win or lose at any time. That’s the bliss point.

That sense of ‘being alive because you could be dead at any second.’ Something like that is so ecstatic that going to work or getting a pay-cheque can’t compare.

It is masculine ecstasy.

If you don’t go to football games, you go to paintballing. These are forms of masculine ecstasy because they involve the feeling of breaking out of release into freedom.

You must leave him alone. Let him be. Don’t question him.

However, before you do this, I want you to remember that the point is not to just leave him and let him be.

The point is to give him his freedom whilst still loving him and being open to him.

He still needs your care and love, but give him the space of being a man. After all you wouldn’t like it very much if he weren’t much of a man!


And to wrap up, the key lesson…

While the masculine is always trying to become empty, one thing the feminine is always trying to do is get full.

While the masculine essence likes empty shelves, empty rooms, emptiness, the feminine essence likes fullness.

It’s why women’s wardrobes are full of clothes, handbags and heels. Women like fullness and I think you’d agree with me on that too.

It may also explain why women’s handbags are always so full.

Understand: Men don’t.

Most women out there simply don’t give freedom to their men.

In fact, not only that, most women don’t understand what mistakes they are making on a daily basis that are actually pushing a man further and further away.

Simple: Let him be a man! Look, here’s the thing…

If you want your man to fully commit his attention and time to you, whether that’s in the form of love, time presence, resources or even exclusivity and marriage, you must help him feel like a man rather than constantly stripping that feeling and freedom away from him.

You see, once a man has the gift of feeling like a man, then he’s going to truly come back to the relationship stronger with more to offer you.


Valentines Day 2015 – Foundations

I want to share some BIG news!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out…

(Trust me you are not going to want to miss out on this).

This Valentines Day will be the launch of Foundations.

The biggest step in British Asian dating history.

The Foundations to getting anything you want out of British Asian dating.

Every wants love, but not everybody gets love.

There are no “3 quick secrets” or anything of real value that you can get overnight. That’s what marketers want to sell you.

The real question I asked myself many years ago was, “If there aren’t 3 steps to get whatever you want in love, how many steps really are there? And if you can’t get success overnight, how quickly can you actually make a big change?”

Your success in love hinges upon you finding the answer to these questions.

Foundations is not a get-rich-quick dating scheme, although it can make you richer in love than you’ve ever imagined…

Foundations will not bring you a soul mate or rekindle your love life in 24 hours, but it will raise the quality of people and love you attract…

Foundations will not make you deserved of love overnight, although it will up your entitlement to get what you want…

Foundations will sky rocket your success in anything you want do in love.

This is a commitment and the rewards are BIG!

Sign up free and be the first to know:


I want to thank Kamey for all his hard-work which has gone into these posts! You can follow him using the links below:




Priya Mulji

My Cluster Headache Hell!

Over, I would say, the last 1.5-2 years I have regularly begun to experience what the doctor has diagnosed as Cluster Headaches. The NHS describes them as ‘Cluster headaches are excruciating attacks of pain in one side of the head, often felt behind the eye’ but that is an understatement. For me they usually happen around 3-4am every 1-2 months. within the ‘attack’ period I wake up and have usually been sleeping on right-hand my side. The pain usually keeps me awake for an about an hour in which time I cannot sleep, my eye waters, i’m in severe pain and it feels like someone has stabbed me behind the eye and my eye is going to pop out (i’ve even woke up and looked in the mirror before to see if it has!), actually the NHS also describes them as suicidal headaches… because of obvious reasons.

Mine doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything but I wondered if anyone else suffers them? I have seen lots of websites and forums where people are talking about them but if any of my readers have suffered them first hand or know anyone that does I would love to talk to them.

Leave comments here or email me at if you do suffer, i’m sure i’m not alone. Here is some information I found online aboutcluster headaches:



Priya Mulji


The Jones Family Project

Website –

Twitter – @JonesShoreditch

Ambience – ****

Food – *****

Service – *****

Location – ****

Standout dishes – Risotto Cakes & Hogget and lush cocktails!

I’d had a long and busy week at work and it was a really, really cold Thursday evening when I headed across town from Hammersmith to Shoreditch to visit a restaurant I had wanted to check out for quite a while.

The Jones Family Project is a family-run establishment located in Shoreditch on Great Eastern Street, close to Old Street station. Before we sat down for our meal we got to meet Anna who along with head chef Cristiano Caputo, Duncan and Amit are the brains behind the Jones Family Project. They were also the people who were involved with setting up a bar I used to frequent in my youth a lot! The Pitcher and Piano chain is well-known to many people and it was great to know they were part of being behind the amazing Nottingham (my home town) location too. Duncan bought the building for Pitcher & Piano in 1997. It opened in 1998. He loved the building and the area. The site is a deconsecrated church. It was being used as a lace museum at the time. Amit was in charge of finding the right team to run it and the opening.

It was great to hear this history about a place from my hometown, as I sat sipping a lush, fruity, sweet hibiscus champagne cocktail in the heart of my new-town London. My guest is a Gin enthusiast and opted for a Mediterranean concoction suggested by talented bartender Patrick called Gin Mare made with Rosemary and Olives. I tasted the Saffron Sour that Anna had ordered and it was creamy, fruity and a really interesting combination of flavours with the Saffron, orange and egg white. The restaurant tries to serve as much locally sourced produce as possible, for example their tea comes from and their pork comes from local butcher Ginger Pig.

Gin Mare - Jones Family Project

Gin Mare – Jones Family Project

Cocktails - Jones Family Project

Cocktails – Jones Family Project

We were then shown to our table by a really friendly waiter called David who was attentive yet gave us space and suggested some great dishes and a really nice bottle of house red for us. Carignan Vieilles Vignes les Archeres, a Spanish wine which was aromatic and a nice, light complement to the meal.

Wine - Jones Family Project

Wine – Jones Family Project


For starters my guest and I ordered the Spiced Crispy Squid which had a light spicy kick, chewy, tender with a nice and light batter. It was served with a selection of sauces.

We also ordered the Risotto Cakes which was a great take on the Arancini balls you find in Italian restaurants. They were well-presented, nicely flavoured, had a light crunch and served with a tapenade and olive oil dressing.

Risotto Cakes - Jones Family Project

Risotto Cakes – Jones Family Project

Spiced Crispy Squid - Jones Family Project

Spiced Crispy Squid – Jones Family Project


Then we moved onto the mains. I ordered one of the specials for the night. It was Thai-style salmon served with coconut and galangal sauce, baby aubergines and sweet kunega potatoes. The salmon was cooked just the way I liked it being tender and flaky, crispy on the outside, saucy, full of flavour and topped with nuts.

Salmon - Jones Family Project

Salmon – Jones Family Project

My guest ordered the Rump of Black Faced Hogget which was cooked medium-rare. It was presented incredibly well, with a crisp outside and tender meat on the inside. It was an amazing sauce and lovely dauphinoise potatoes. Both mains had generous portion sizes so we had happy tummies at the end of the main meals!

Hoggett - Jones Family Project

Hogget – Jones Family Project

To accompany the meals we had a creamy and comforting mac ‘n’ cheese and some big chips.

Mac 'n' Cheese - Jones Family Project

Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Jones Family Project


Big Chips - Jones Family Project

Big Chips – Jones Family Project


We were pretty full from the starters and main so just shared a dessert between us. We ordered the  Langley’s Gin & Orange Semi-Freddo which was served with orange and crushed meringues. The dessert was obviously orangey, creamy, fresh, tangy, luxurious and extremely well-presented.

Semi-Freddo - Jones Family Project

Semi-Freddo – Jones Family Project

Overall, The Jones Family Project is a really happy and vibrant place to be. The ambience is sophisticated yet funky, young yet you can still go for a family meal. A great date place or just for girlie cocktails. The food speaks for itself being wholesome, delicious and unique. Being located where it is opposite the Hoxton Hotel it is likely to attract diners from far and wide.

Something really interesting is that in February the restaurant is running “Traditional British Pudding” month and are going to be rotating three traditional British puddings featured throughout the month. The full selection is:

Pear Parkin Pudding with custard

Eve’s Pudding with custard

Treacle Sponge with clotted cream

Sussex Pond Pudding with cream (to share between 4)

Bakewell Tart with ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream


I look forward to visiting the Jones Family Project more in the future, especially to try the British Pud’s and wish it lots of success!


Priya Mulji

Bootea Review

Bootea Logo

Bootea Logo

Warning: I use the word Poo in this post and talk about bowel movements!

After Christmas we all generally feel a bit… blah… this year I decided I wasn’t going to let the extra pounds just sit there and turn into fat but concentrate on my mind, body and soul and make visits to the gym more a part of my regular lifestyle. Also felt like I needed to do something else, perhaps a detox, I had heard of people doing the Bootea teatox so I thought I would give it a go after my friend Urvashi gave me a day’s supply to try out.  I posted on social media that I had purchased it and lots of my friends and followers wanted to know how I got on so here is my experience.

So a few weeks ago I went online to the Bootea Website and purchased a 14 day supply, it arrived about a week later. The website was really easy to use and there are loads of other products to try as well. I would recommend taking a before and after picture so that you can monitor your results, I really saw a difference!

Bootea 14 day teatox

Bootea 14 day teatox

How it Works

How it works is that there is a daytime tea that you drink every morning (or whenever you can if you forget to drink it) then a night time tea that you have every other night before bed which gets rid of the toxins that the daytime tea has been working on cleansing. Basically you poo a lot the next day. I would normally drink the daytime tea when I got to work and then the night time tea around 8.30-9pm. It would take about 6-7 hours to kick in for me and I’d need an early morning toilet visit then again a couple of time in the morning during working hours.

What I loved about Bootea

I lost 4 pounds!

I felt a lot less bloated

I physically look better

The eating plan was really helpful and as I’m not a massive meat eater it worked well and generally feeling better within myself and feeling healthier

I actually went out to dinner during the detox but didn’t feel great after indulging so the teatox forces you to eat healthy which isn’t a bad thing!

What I didn’t like so much

Having to go to the toilet at 4am

The uncontrollable urge of when you need to go to the toilet, you HAVE to go

Kind of an uncomfortable feeling in your belly after evacuating your bowel but I guess that would be normal as you have gotten rid of a lot of crap from your body

I had read online that the detox helps your skin but I didn’t feel it did

If you’re a major carnivore you are recommended to eat vegetarian food (you can have some fish) as previously mentioned I’m not a massive meat eater but if you are then you could miss it


Overall, I would recommend anyone wanting a good teatox to try it but don’t expect magic results if you don’t exercise and stick to the eating plan. It worked for me because I did and I will definitely use it again pre or post a holiday or if I have indulged over a period of time.


Priya Mulji

Pictures – Via Bootea Website

Asiana and Estee Lauder Beauty Tutorial

I am really excited to announce that I will be blogging for the Asiana website! I will be blogging about all things related to luuuurvve. If there is anything you’d like me to cover please email me at

As my friends will tell you I am a complete ditz when it comes to glam make-up. I’m really grateful to my friends Bina and Urvashi for their help when I needed a make – over before the Asian Media Awards. It really helped when I needed it and made me feel really beautiful. A different look, even just getting a new hair cut, can completely transform you into a new person.

Asiana magazine has always been really inspiring to me and in a year where I am going to be concentrating on mind, body and soul I wanted to share a Fall / Winter bridal beauty tutorial that Asiana have produced in association with Roshni Hair and Makeup Artist and Estée Lauder, it really inspired me to try some new looks! I hope you enjoy it and thank you for all of your support in my blogs so far.

Asiana Bridal Beauty Tutorial : Fall Winter 2014

(Typed by Priya’s niece Milli)

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