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Owl House Day Spa

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I love a good spa day! Who doesn’t? Rest, relaxation and bliss… it was exactly what my friend Caroline and I needed recently and I believe we as girls should regularly indulge is such behaviour!

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Uncover Dining & Opera Tavern

Whether it’s a small local establishment to a fine dining restaurant I love eating out. It is one of my favourite things to do but I do get disappointed when I really fancy going somewhere nice and can’t get a table.

I recently came a great new app called Uncover Dining which lets you book last minute tables at awesome places in London on the day. So it’s great when you’re out and about or if you have a last minute date. It lets you book at cute little places and also Michelin starred restaurants.

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25 Things Women Won’t Admit They Want

What women want

What women want

Women (and men) get insecure and want certain things from their partners. Sometimes we can’t admit it but we do. I do and I know friends of mine do, I mean I hate straightening my hair so I don’t want a guy to make me straighten my hair.

So I compiled a list of things that women might be embarrassed to admit sometimes that we really do want, we’ll never admit these things but we know it’s true so men take note!

  1. Tell me I look good even when I don’t

It takes more effort for a woman to look good than a guy. A guy will get up and look hot, a woman, not as much (well, unless you look like Mila Kunis who could wear a bag and still look great) so when we’re slobbing in a jumper, leggings, wearing our glasses; tell us that we look good even if we need to brush our hair.

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My love for Deepika Padukone

If anyone knows me they will know, well, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Indian film actress Deepika Padukone – she’s pretty but I didn’t think she would make the statement she has of late. However over the past couple of months has has completely changed for the better.

We all face tough times, we pretend to be strong but no-one knows what is going on inside of us. Whether it is work stress, heartbreak or health issues we all have to put on a brave face and embrace the world with a smile but when you’re in the public eye as much as an A-List celebrity like Deepika Padukone is, but you’re just crying from the inside, speaking out about that is hard. Recently Deepika did just that and spoke about how she faced depression and that all she wanted to do was stay in bed and cry.

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Dhaba Lane – review

Dhaba Lane

Dhaba Lane

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Dhaba is a name for roadside café’s in India and Pakistan which serve hearty and wholesome, often Punjabi, food. They’re a truck-drivers preferred choice of stop off and I was headed to a London equivalent of a Dhaba.

It’d been a little while since I was invited to check out the newly-opened Dhaba Lane situated on Leonard Street in trendy Shoreditch. I was invited by co-founder Upma Arora to sample their lunchtime delights for some healthy Indian cuisine. It was a sunny Tuesday and I’d been in town for some meetings so decided to pop and visit Dhaba Lane. The establishment is tucked away underground on Leonard Street, about a 7 minute walk from Old Street station but also accessible from Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street stations. Keep an eye out for the brightly-coloured Dhaba Lane sign outside.

Dhaba Lane

Dhaba Lane

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Interview with Trishna Bharadia

The peoples strictly has recently won the hearts of the UK and I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak to one of the stars of the show Trishna. Trishna personally won my heart when I watched the show and it was touching to see such a sweet message from her family. Read my chat with her below:

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Boiled Beans on Toast

Runs – Tuesday 10 March – Sunday 15 March

At – Watermans Arts –

Tickets – £15 (£12.50)

Written by – Girish Karnad

Director – Lillete Dubey

Starring – Gillian Pinto, Swati Das, Joy Sengupta, Deepika Amin, Avantika Akerker, Avnish Mehra and Maneesh Verma

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Asjad Nazir Interviews Shakti Mohan

Asjad Nazir recently interviewed talented dancer Shakti Mohan, read the interview here:


Shakti Mohan – Interview Part 1

Shakti Mohan Interview Part 2

Ay up!

You may not realise it but i’m originally from Nottingham, some people say I have a strong accent, some say a slight accent, some say i’m pretty neutral – but i’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Martyn, a friend of mine from school recently went travelling around the Far East and recorded this awesome video of him teaching kids how to speak ‘Nottingham’ – yes there is such a thing! Have a go and send me your videos!


Priya Mulji

Chloe Afternoon Tea – Mandarin Oriental

“Tea is like poetry”

This week I was invited by Anomalous London to check out the lovely, beautiful and luxurious Chloe Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental in swanky Knightsbridge. Set in the beautiful and classy Rosebery Room the Chloe Afternoon tea is part of London Fashion week and runs until the beginning of March.

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